25 Day Yoga Challenge

Coming in June 2018



Starting 1st of June 2018, myUTOPIA will be hosting a 25 Day Yoga Challenge.

Committing to and challenging yourself helps you to recognize your own incredible strength. A group commitment allows you to build confidence, flexibility and remain motivated as we take on this challenge together!  Challenge yourself to experience the physical, mental and life changing benefits that a daily practice has to offer. This challenge is a great way to either begin, refine or deepen your yoga practice.

Sign up and receive:

·       Register for your crowd funding and get your family and friends to sponsor you per class completed, there are cool prizes to be won

Complete the challenge and receive:

·       An awesome goody bag from our amazing sponsors

·       25 Day Challenge T-Shirt

·       Invitation to attend our post event party

·       Prizes


·       You must complete 25 Yoga classes within June 2018

·       If you miss a day you can make it up by 2 classes on another day.  You are only allowed to do this once a week.

·       You must sign up on the challenge board throughout the month

·       If you are travelling out of Cape Town, you can make up the classes at another studio.  You will need to post this on one of your social media pages and tag us in the posting.

You can expect:

·       Increased strength, improved flexibility & possible weight loss

·       Renewed energy, definite stress reduction & improved focus & mental clarity

·       A better sense of self & body image with improved sleep & eating habits

·       A renewed sense of connection with yourself & a new level of awesomeness