About Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a holistic and alternative healing method using the healing properties of crystals to re-balance and harmonise your energetic body. With life’s stress, tension, difficulties and challenges, we tend to form blocks in our energy field which can manifest into physical, emotional and mental pain.  Crystal Healing releases these blocks, re-balances the chakras (energy centres in the body) and allows the energy to free-flow through your body reducing stress and tension we all tend to hold onto. This allows the body to return to its optimum energy state and may bring a feeling of emotional calmness and peace as well as reduce both emotional and physical pain, improve focus, mental clarity and improve sleep. 

About Andrea

I am a certified crystal healer, intuitive practitioner and light worker. My knowledge, skills and experience comes from training with two well-known intuitive healers over the past 3 years, attending energy healing workshops and numerous courses. I have successfully opened my own crystal healing practice this year and have a great client support basis. Being an intuitive conduit, strong empathy and energy sensitive individual, I have the ability to tune into your energy to identify the areas of your energetic body that need healing and re-balancing. Any spiritual messages or information that comes through will never be anything you cannot handle. Your higher self ensures your healing process is tailored to your individual needs and I am only shown what will be of greatest benefit to you.

My methods include using Dowsing and Intuition to identify the crystals that want to work with you and they will either be placed directly on your body and/or in a grid layout around you. You will be asked to lie down as I use the “hands off “mobility method to work with your energy, re-balance the chakras and remove any energy blockages. Please note this is not a massage.

 Energy healing is something that comes naturally to me. I am of service to the client for their highest emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. My healing environment is safe, protected and professional allowing you to relax while the healing takes place. Each session is 1.5 hours. All ages welcome.

 I look forward to meeting you and working with you for your ultimate health and happiness in mind, body and soul!