Services offered

Private Meditation & Mentoring

R450 (Allow 60 minutes)        

Many people are familiar with the concept of meditation but they do not know where to begin. As with anything, meditation takes dedication and practice. I offer people a bridge from fear to freedom; A one-on-one session to help get you started and an ongoing service to assist with routine and motivation. From absolute beginners to those who have experience but are looking to expand their knowledge and insight with different meditation styles.

Using guided meditation techniques, I can provide you with a connectedness to your Self, a release of that which no longer serves you and an opportunity to step out of your head and back into your heart.

Each session includes a brief discussion, a sacred space preparation technique, a personalised guided meditation and a journal to document your experience. I also provide mentoring and guidance should you wish to discuss your meditation with me and can assist with the interpretation of any symbols you may receive. The duration is approximately 60 minutes and includes an (optional) oracle card reading to conclude the session.

Intuitive Readings                                                       

R450 (Allow 60 minutes)

As an Intuitive Practitioner I connect to what’s known as the Soul Plane. I provide spiritual guidance and insight into your current life path and am a channel for you to receive direct messages from the Etheric Realm. 

Energy Release & Healing                                          

R450 (Allow up to 75 mins)

A deeply relaxing and uplifting experience. Using a guided meditation technique I take you on a gentle journey within. I then re-align your energy centres, bringing balance to your chakras and entire auric field.

Intuitive Reading & Healing                                         

R800  (Allow up to 2 hours)

For those of you who would like to experience both an Intuitive Reading and Healing in one session.

About Emma

My name is Emma and I am a Lightworker and Empath. My studies in Esoterism and Metaphysics have given me much insight into the healing of self and others using energy and mindfulness. I am passionate about helping and healing others, particularly through the use of meditation.

I am a certified Intuitive Practitioner and my sensitivity to energy allows me to connect easily to the emotional energies of others, enabling me to intuitively identify where healing and release is required.

My work is non-denominational and I have the pleasure of working with many etheric beings who guide me to assist my clients in a manner that best suits their needs.

In addition to being a certified Intuitive Practitioner, I have a certificate in Applied Metaphysics and have also been initiated into the Munay Ki; receiving all 9 Ancient Peruvian rites.