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Pilates workshop for men with Garith Flood

This is a Pilates redeployment program.  The aim of this workshop is to break the stigma that pilates is a women only practice.| We will guide you through the workshop showing you how Pilates can build strong functional bodies in a particular sport.  You will learn that through the laws of contrology you can correct body alignment and prevent injury by connecting with your powerhouse.

Pilates is all about resistance, stability and is essentially based on core control.

To be aware of your body, core and posture is essential for you to perform at your peak potential wether it be on the sports field, in the boardroom, behind your desk or unwinding after a long day. 

Price is R300pp and includes 2 hour workshop and light dinner afterwards. myUTOPIA members only pay R270pp. We provide everything you need for the workshop including your mat, towel, sweat towel, water, essential oil refreshment cloth and beautiful shower amenities.