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Growing Younger Launch Brunch

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Join us for our brunch on the 24th of September for the launch of our Growing Younger Challenge.

Find out what this 3 month Challenge is all about and what transformation it can make in your life as you embark on this journey which will challenge you to grow you’re.

Three Powerhouse woman have joined forces in overlaying their businesses offerings to give you a composite challenge which will guide you in all the steps you need to equip yourself with on the journey to Growing Younger.

Start your Heritage day with an optional beginners Vinyasa or Pilates class at 09h30/09h45 followed by an awesome brunch.  You will be guided through the details of the challenge and gather information by our panel of guest speakers which will give you the basics on growing younger.

Our lineup:

Dr Nerina Wilkinson, Sandi Dekker, Nepherite Jade, Rochez O’Grady



09h30/09h45 - Optional Beginners Vinyasa or Pilates Class

Registration and welcome - 11h00

Followed by a brunch with a great line up of guest speakers, a sumptuous brunch and awesome prizes up for grabs.


Nerina – Fabulous 50’s

I believe growing younger is a choice we make every day

By reducing stress, eating well, exercising , having the right mindset and staying healthy our bodies and minds have the opportunity to repair and rejuvenate 

But who has the time for all of that? Turning 50 last year was a huge milestone in my life, however with the wisdom of 50 also came the exhaustion, brain fog, body changes , cellulite and energy drain. 

I needed some bio hacks to increase my energy and productivity whilst losing weight and growing younger. 

I have been on a journey of exploration , spending many nights listening to some of the worlds most famous gurus. I have studied  the tools to rewire my brain and my body to thrive rather than survive. My goal is to manage my workload and stress levels , wake up with renewed energy to be inspired to have a more awesome fulfilled day. 

Together with myUTOPIA I am excited to challenge myself to a healthy body and mind. To choose the correct super foods, nutritional skin care , breathing and exercise. To Understand the powers of mindset, meditation  and manifestation tools. To live the life I have dreamed of living . To GROW younger.

Sandi – Fearsome 40’s

We are constantly on the search for the answers on how to live a balanced life, how to be the best version of ourselves.  We troll the internet, social media, self-help books, pod-casts on the quest to learn and miraculously find the answers.  We know we should meditate, mindfulness is a thing, gratitude essential.  We know what we put into our bodies is vital and that we should run, then walk and then run some more.  Just the thought of everything we need to do is enough to overwhelm us, reach for that bottle of wine, revert to a vegetated state on the sofa whilst we indulge in a marathon of series binging.  I have just dipped my toe into the wrong side of my 40’s (ok maybe a foot) but one thing I do know is would love to look like Nerina at 50, Madonna at 60, Linda Gray at 70 and Jane Fonda at 80.  Surely it’s not that hard. I no longer want to struggle with adrenal failure, anxiety or brain overload.  I don’t want to start my day cleaning up after the tornado that has swept through my room because “nothing fits”.  I don’t want a dull lack-lusture skin nor the exhausted body.  I want to seize the day and be the absolute best version of myself. 

So how do we grow younger?  Join our brunch to find out more about this amazing 3 month challenge where you will learn all the easy hacks to achieve this. We have brought together industry experts to help you on this journey and achieve your own state of nirvana. The really awesome thing about your 40’s is you really learn to love, appreciate and support women.  They’re such a vital part of our being and our community.  I’m looking forward to sharing this challenge with the awesome women at Dr Nerina Wilkinson Skin and Nepherite Jade as we practice what we preach and we work with you so that we can waltz into Season time looking and feeling great with lessons learnt that can give us the foundation to embrace the years ahead of us Growing Younger.


Thriving 30’s

Nepehritie Jade 

Entering my thirties presented a mixed picture of life for me personally, while studies suggest that 35 is meant to the “best age” and that real happiness begins at 33, studies suggest that it is also a time of existential crises, ticking biological clocks and a decade filled with change and introspection. I have taken all that I had gathered from my learnings, my travels to far of places in search of the answers, my work with global leading experts, Robert Simic, Anthony Robbins, Dr Tad James, Deepak Chopra and all the other teachers and mentors I was privileged enough to have encountered and I began to implement their teachings from the inside so as to be the change I hoped to see, to manifest my desires most effortlessly. 

I very quickly came to the realisation that this body that encapsulates my soul is the one thing I knew for sure I’ll have for the rest of my life and that the greatest investment I could ever make in myself is being dedicated to ensuring that I grow younger from the inside. 

I am so excited to be joining two beautiful souls, who are experts in their fields, Sandi Dekker and Dr Nerina Wilkinson, on this enlightening quest of self-discovery learning, sharing and unlocking the secrets to growing younger.  I believe that growing younger is a decision we make daily, a decision to be mindful of our self-talk, of what we put into our bodies, of what we allow to penetrate our minds, a consistent decision to invest in ourselves.  My intention for this 3-month challenge is for all participants to find that fountain of youth they seek outside, inside. 


I’m not quite sure what it is? Is life getting faster and busier or is it just a part of the feelings that come with growing older? Hitting my 30’s has been a big realisation for me. I am no longer just a 20 year old blessed with naturally firm skin, toned muscles and the ability to think and remember things like I used to, in fact if I don’t write it down immediately it’s basically like it went in the one ear and straight out the other. Growing older is definitely real and can be quite frightening. Having to think about the whole concept of anti-ageing myself is quite new to me. It’s not really something I have had to give much thought to up until now.

The reason why I will be joining the “Growing Younger Challenge” is to learn the skill set to keep my mind and body in the healthiest state possible so it can serve me well for the next 30 years while I continue to carry out my many goals and achieve all my dreams.