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myUTOPIA Passport Workshops: Yin & Thai Workshop with Nikita

In this workshop we will combine the healing art of Thai Yoga Massage and Yin Yoga. 

Yin Yoga is recognised for encouraging the deep stretching of connective tissue as poses are held for long periods of time, typically five to seven minutes. The muscles that surround the connective tissues must be relaxed, and Thai Yoga Massage does the same, except that the therapist stretches the client. When the connective tissue is stretched the energy lines of the body open and will often release pent-up emotions and toxins. Another positive benefit is that circulation is promoted to the targeted areas. This increased blood flow to an area will promote healing to injuries and all round general well-being. 

Combining the healing art of these two practices is extremely beneficial for body and mind by improving circulation, releasing energy and toxins while allowing you to enter a meditative space of being present in your body and your breath.