About Kaya

Kaya Bryce is first and foremost a learner and a teacher. That journey began studying and then teaching history, politics and classics in the United Sates and then here in Cape Town. Wanting to balance the brain and the body, she developed her passion for yoga as a grounding mechanism in this very cerebral modern world. She has practised yoga for 7 years and is now a certified 500-hour advanced teacher.

Having observed over time, both in herself and others, how the challenges of our past collide with and can hinder our present, Kaya has now added Life Coaching as a means to help people navigate the challenges of a fast paced life and maximise their potential, both in themselves, their lives and the people around them.

The goal is to help people uncover their inherent strengths and capabilities and unleash their unfettered potential.  The process is a 4-part program designed to identify, untangle, reframe and lay to rest unconscious blockages, limiting beliefs and self-defeating behaviour patterns. At the end of this process, you will be able to move in the world in a consciously positive manner and manifest the dreams and desires you have so long sought.