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About Rochez

Rochez has a holistic approach to helping individuals on the journey to health. She has a passion for approaching every person that comes to see her as unique. She has equipped and specialised herself with a number of tools to help those that come to see her in order for them to achieve optimal health and behaviour change.

She is the founder of the practice MunchWize. Her focus areas are Nutrigenomics and Mindful Eating Practices. She passionately specialises in genetic testing (nutrigenomics), weight management, sports nutrition, lifestyle conditions, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), IBS, intolerances and pregnancy nutrition.

She has run a number of corporate health workshops and has worked with the South African Womens National Hockey Team and given a number of workshops with University and School Hockey Teams. She has also been featured on television, radio and written magazine articles.

“I value keeping a balance in my life. And being healthy is a big part of that for me. When helping others to do the same it’s really rewarding. I love healthy food and coming up with great new recipes. I also enjoy keeping active – being outdoors and keeping a routine with exercise really works. All this together with having great friends and having fun keeps me happy.”