We’re on the move

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Not enough showers, parking hassles, security, location. ……. We’ve got this.

Aerial Yoga, Suspended Pilates and more HIIT classes.  …….. We are on it.


We are so excited that we have found the perfect space to facilitate our growth, expand on our vision and create an even better experience for you.  We recognise that with change comes improvement and in a tough economy we want to ensure you get the most value out of your membership and our new space allows us do all of that and more.  There is no moment like the present and with the holiday season upon us we want to grab the opportunity, seize the moment and JUST DO IT now.  Watch this space as we reveal our master plan soon.  We promise it’s close.

So what now? 

Saturday the 15th of December is our last day in our current space.  Our holiday schedule will come into play from the 17th of December in our temporary home @ Workshop17 on the Mezzanine level above the shed. Sadly W17 doesn’t have showers but your mat, towel and water will be waiting for you.  We wanted to ensure that you keep your practise going whilst we construct our new space.  Totally worth it at R50 a class.


Thank you so much for understanding, for supporting and loving us we’re going to be giving it straight back to you soon in big amounts.  If you’re on a contract and didn’t receive the personal communication or have any questions please send us an email.  We are always here to be of service to you and help you in any way that we can.


On a personal note from all of us at myUTOPIA we wish you a magical and blissful holiday, a beautiful Christmas and an incredible holiday season.  We are so excited about our new home and all that we're going to have on offer for you so a little bit of love and patience and we'll literally be swinging from the rafters or flying in our straps to ensure that 2019 is your healthiest, fittest and best year yet.


We are grateful for your support and your loyalty and always happy to share the journey with you.

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