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Hi, I'm Chris.

I teach Vinyasa, Power and am qualified in suspension and aerial yoga. I am passionate about everybody’s yoga journey and their need to listen to their bodies and take it at the appropriate pace. I believe that if my students are given the right class at the right level their practice will grow and evolve to become the best versions of themselves. I love teaching at myUTOPIA for the warmth and love that the space offers with good people and even better intentions.

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Hi, I’m Garith.

Leaving behind the world of advertising, urgent deadlines and constant speed I decided to pursue my real passion, Pilates!. I live by the principles of contrology and believe that body awareness and good posture are essential for peak performance. I love the fact that myUTOPIA is ahead of the pack and is a lifestyle. I love sharing my knowledge with my students and enjoy the benefits that pilates enables for a healthy mind and body and excellent spinal health.

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Hi, I’m Nikita.

I believe I am a humble teacher with a lot of heart. I recognise that as a teacher I am an eternal student. I try to ensure that my classes are a truthful and playful. That my students can express their passion and develop an understanding of the practice and ensure that they feel the benefits on and off then mat. I love teaching at myUTOPIA because its a space that allows me to live my own passion.

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Hi, I’m Ru.

My yoga journey started with a leap of faith and the will to learn something new on the path towards self transformation. I have been practicing yoga since early 2012 with styles including traditional Ashtanga (mysore style), Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. My experience and training has allowed me to encompass elements from each of the different yoga traditions to create fluid movement synchronised with the essence of a physical yoga practice and breath. I love teaching at myUTOPA because it’s a space that breaks the yoga status quo and supports a balanced lifestyle. I encourage my students to cultivate a passion and awarenes

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Hi, I’m Sam.

My yoga journey began out of desperation to rehabilitate my spine after dealing with the pain of scoliosis. What began as a simple YouTube search for spinal exercises, transformed into an in-depth exploration of yoga principles, poses and the many inherent benefits. Moving now with a completely healed spine, and strength I never she thought I would have. I love teaching at myUTOPIA because it provides a safe, sacred and supportive space ensuring that emotional support is provided for everybody. My mission in my classes is to ensure that my students get to know and become aware of their bodies and to create space where space is needed. Join me for my slow-paced, methodical Bikram classes and work towards developing this mind-body awareness.